Aqua Blue

Import / Export Company

Aqua Blue is a multi-million Euro import and export company based in Cork, Ireland. They specialise in the distribution of alcoholic beverages. In 2012 the company had a turnover of €83.1 million. We were hired by the owner of the company to completely overhaul their existing online presence. The scale of the work required was enormous.

  • Client: Aqua Blue
  • Services: Web Development, UX Design, SEO



We handled every stage of the software development life-cycle from beginning to end. The planning stage involved a variety of initial meetings to establish the scope of the project so as to avoid scope creep. The functionality of the website was to include portfolio listings, brand listings, news, blogs, a custom administrative back-end, and to be fully multi-lingual.



The site featured an elegant presentation of the main products distributed by the company. Furthermore, a standalone section for the main producer of the product was present, along with a timeline of the company. One of the key requirements of the site was that it had to function in a dozen languages. We developed functionality to dynamically translate all news and blogs as they were saved. Then, the user could select their language. In order to allow the company to post news, updates, and blogs without our assistance, we developed an administrative back-end. This was then tied to the language functionality.



The final site, including its third redesign and dozen languages, was fully published on cloud hosting.