Email Marketing, Remarketing, Social Media

RH Photography

Professional Photographer

As a professional portrait and headshot photographer trying to establish a name in a large city, we focused our attention on our client’s most likely source of leads – Instagram.

  • Client: RH Photography
  • Services: Social Media, Email Marketing, Remarketing



Choosing a social media platform for a client depends on both their target audience, budget, and goal. Do you want to generate leads, but don’t have an advertising budget? Facebook is out as organic reach is now close to 2%. Are you chasing an older demographic? They’re not on Instagram. Selecting the correct platform makes all the difference.


Strategy Implementation

Growth on Instagram requires content, hashtags, page tagging, and plenty of content. We created a multi-worksheet Excel document with containing hashtags, number of posts per hashtags, whether a hashtag had a corresponding feature page, and the niche. Then, we created a set of text files in Dropbox that the client could use to simply copy / paste depending on the post. Finally, an editorial calendar was created in conjunction with the new Business Profile analytics to maximise post reach.



Without spending a single cent on advertising the page has grown to over 3,700 followers and generated almost 50 leads.