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The League of Ireland Blog

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The League of Ireland Blog was an Irish start-up founded. It began as a college project but the volume of traffic received once hosted convinced the owner to take the project further.

  • Client: The League of Ireland Blog
  • Services: Web Development, UX Design, SEO, Social Media



We developed the entire site featuring news, fixtures, results, dynamic league tables, live updates, fantasy football, prediction league, and administrative portal. The site also featured both Facebook and Twitter integration.



Live updates, much like those provided by BBC Sport, were a key piece of functionality for the site. Each gameweek featured live updates for the games, which then powered the fixtures, results, and live league tables. Prediction leagues were offered as a way of keeping users on the site. Users could enter their prediction for results; their scores were totted up at the end of the gameweek. They could then enter leagues with friends.



Between its launch on the 29th of March and closing in November the site received over 3 million hits, 45,000 unique visitors, and was mentioned in national newspapers. We also wrote a 35-page business plan for the venture.

The site was merged with the far larger sports site Pundit Arena.